Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some days you step in it

Things I don't like hearing around the house....

1.  I'm going to tell mom! (heard at least a hundred a dozen times a day by any given child)

2.  Is he dead? (I think they were talking about fish.  I never went to investigate this conversation further, but you'll be happy to know all kids are safely accounted for so it must be a fish)

3.  WIPE!! (Grant is the only one left yelling this, thankfully)

But the thing I enjoyed hearing the LEAST this past week??

4.  Mom, I think there's poop on the floor! (Said by Grant after he didn't QUITE make it on time)

At that point the running conversation in my head that is never allowed to be spoken out loud went something like this.......

"Thanks for the warning, buddy, but could you PLEASE next time you poop on the floor tell me BEFORE I have already stepped in it??!"

What else has been heard around here lately?

Grant: "Don't leave children alone.  It's dangerous!" (said to me every time I get him out of the car this summer)

Grant: (while helping Grace carry something upstairs) "I told Grace she could use my muscles"

Grant: (singing to himself in his bedroom) "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ....Amen"

Grant:  (while I'm getting him off the potty) "Lots of poop keeps coming out.....yeah, and smoke comes with it"  (umm, don't know what's up with that)

Grace: (requesting me to fold my hands and pray with her) "Dear God, make the cat's brains work right. Amen" (by the end of this summer, I'm going to need her saying this prayer on MY behalf!)

Grace's favorite things to do right now - play dress-up ..... take a shower ...... pretend to own a kitty (played by Grant) .....practice her piano Dick and Jane books............color pictures

Grant's favorite things to do right now - pretend to be a kitty (with Grace) ........break more toys.....blow his his 'I'm Taking a Trip On My Train' lift-the-flap books

John's favorite things to do right now - play on his new laptop..........reading The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris DeLacy.............sleeping Pirates of the Caribbean DVD's

Emily's favorite things to do right now - play with sit for mom cook..........go on her new laptop

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  1. So cute! Love hearing the little conversations of kids.....sorry about your "poopy" week! :)