Friday, August 20, 2010

Sixth Graders

School started this week

August 17 to be exact

I cannot believe I have two in middle school this year.

After three days we are off to a pretty good start.

John is doing fabulously.
He is participating in a school  spirit competition next week.
They are practicing after school all week this week and part of next to get ready.
He even got his sister to stay and participate.

Emily's start at school has been slightly different than John's.
Miss Emily has no love for the uniforms nor for the bus ride.
There have been a few tears shed over both.

I think she's missing some of her old friends too who went to different middle schools.
She's slowly coming around to the fact that this is her new reality.

Anyway, I think they look pretty good in khaki and navy and white.

The school's official color is purple.  I don't think any of us are too fond of the purple, but I guess we'll learn to like it.  We've got three years to look at it a lot.

 Say hello to the two new 'Hilltoppers' in our more 'Bees'. 
I think our town has as much trouble creating school mascots as our family does naming pets!!

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