Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting Ready

Registration is over......can you believe over five hundred dollars to register two kids for a 'free' public education???  OUCH

Uniforms bought

Lockers filled

Classrooms found

Friendships blooming

Textbooks assigned

School starts next week

 boy my kids are growing up too fast

I think they are excited though a bit nervous about the unknown.  I had to work registration last week so while I worked, David helped them unpack their things and set up their lockers.

Let me just add that God is in the details.....they assign lockers alphabetically.  John and Emily hve consecutively numbered lockers.....but.....

they have a classroom door and a water fountain separating them.  I am sure they will be glad to have a few feet of separation between them

and at the same time thankful to be in sight of one another

Yes, God is in the details!

We are looking forward to a good year.  I'll keep you posted. 

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