Monday, August 9, 2010


We've been busy around here the past week or so. So much has been going on. So little of it has been photographed. Life has just moved at such a pace that often there isn't time to even think about a camera....often I've just chosen not to pick up the camera.

Anyway, just for the sake of memory keeping, here's the list!!

 Things I've NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Lately

Todd and Emma visiting from LA for several days last week

John and Emily visiting Grandma and Grandpa Simms's for a few days

John and Emily's first public piano recital held at the care center where Aunt Midge lives

Visiting with Grandma Shupe for a couple days

John and Emily's immunization/school physical appointment that I so lovingly scheduled on their birthday

Grant wearing the same orange shirt nonstop for three days because it had a pocket to hold all his pennies

The kids playing miniature golf and riding go karts with their cousin from Louisiana

Grace and Grant swimming with their daddy

Taking Grace and Grant to the library

A bag full of eight guppies hidden in my purse while at the library so they would not die of heat stroke in the car

Grace's preschool class from last year getting together for a swim party at the teacher's pool

John and Emily's eleventh birthday party with six classmates over for a pool party/sleepover

The pool closing during afore mentioned pool party due to the 'pooping bandit' striking again at our pool 

Lots of high energy  non drowsy kids playing in our basement during our pool party /sleepover

Grace dressing up in big sister's old flower girl dress from Cousin Wesley's wedding

Taking the entire family across Tate Bridge by foot and by car so they can experience rural America for themselves

Taking the entire family across Tate Bridge a second time on the way home from Grandma's house because they requested a detour off the interstate to ' go across that old bridge one more time'!!!

Grace peeing on Tate Bridge through gaps so wide the bridge didn't even get wet!!

Hoards of killer mosquitos that swarmed into the air conditioned car as we opened and closed the car doors in the wooded area surrounding Tate Bridge

Grant wearing pajama pants home because he fell asleep and had an out of the ordinary accident in his only clean clothes left in the car

The never ending trip to get home from St. Louis that involved stopping every twenty miles for something or other a few extra potty breaks and one "I told you I needed to go way back at mile marker eighty" carseat cleaning break

Visiting with my eldest (not elderly)(though newly turned 46 year old) brother and his clan (Happy Birthday John!)

OK, I'm sure there's more, but I think you get the idea and I know pictureless posts are like watching a movie without the sound....somehow it just isn't very entertaining!!

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