Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Art and Animals at the Farm

One of the favorite things the kids do at the farm is draw

I have a dry erase board stuck on the side of the refrigerator

Here is some of Grace's handiwork. She likes to draw flowers and bees.

They take turns drawing pictures and erasing each other's art work to add their own touches

Grant entitles each piece he does

Emily's are is a little more sophisticated with flowers and sky.


This is the trailer we rent out on the property.  I went in it for the first time while we were there vacationing.

It was very clean, but it sure does humble me to realize how easy we have it in life.
Let's just say there wasn't much fancy about the place.

They man living here is so kind.
He always has time to visit and is super nice to the kids.

He keeps dogs and roosters that the kids love to chase around.

He's the one with the ten puppies the kids have gone wild over.

He is one mean gardener too.  He's got a garden that makes ours look like nothing but a weed patch....
well, I guess ours is pretty much nothing but a weed patch actually!

He was more than generous sharing tomatoes, squash, corn and cabbages with us this summer.

I don't think we could ask for a better tennant.

He's done a lot to clean up the place since moving in last year.  Right now he is working on repainting the outside of the trailer.  We provided the paint and he is providing the labor.

I'm guessing anything would be an improvement over the pink color it is now.
I'll have to remember to post before and after pictures when he gets done.
Pictures don't do justice to just how 'pink' this place is right now!

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