Saturday, July 23, 2011

Puppy Love

Our kids like to walk down this is on our property at the farm....

when they get to the end they always find......


The guy pictured here lives in a trailer on the farm.  His trailer is down the road and up a gravel lane from our house. 

He raises coon dogs to sell and often will have a litter or two of puppies he's raising.

The kids love to play with the puppies. Ronnie says the puppies benefit from being handled by the kids.

I think he's just being polite, but I appreciate his patience with my kids showing up at least once a day to see the newest litter of puppies he'll have around.

And of course, often when we walk back to our house, we have to stop and pet the donkeys and horse that live across the road.

This particular evening, only one donkey showed up for treats.

He got to eat ALL of the treats.....

well, all of the treats except the ones John decided to eat himself.

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