Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas View

I'm not sure I ever got a picture of my tree this year. 

I did get a picture of my poinsettia.
I love these things though it is the thing I am least successful at keeping alive.
I think I took this picture while sitting on the floor counting coins with Grant.

Doesn't this look picture perfect?


I turned around and took a picture of the rest of the house....

Just keeping it real here, folks.
This is what my house looks like frequently.
Usually it's toys on the floor instead of tree branches though.

Don't you like the dog-cat standoff in the picture??
Remington thinks the cats are just mobile chew toys.  He keeps trying to figure out how to catch one and nibble on it.

Okay, enough of the stark reality of our life.

I like this view better.

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