Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Honor of Martin's Big Day

The kids were out of school Monday.

For once, they were not out because of wind or water or snow.

It was Martin Luther King Day.   Thus, no school.

In honor of the day we went bowling.

Not really.

Actually, we decided it was too cold to go to the zoo so we looked for indoor options.

All of us like to bowl.

None of us are very good.

That's okay.

We have a good time anyway.

Look who took off work and went with us.

I am taking donations to the "David Shupe Needs A Shave" fund.
Contributions may be sent to our current address.

I think everyone had a good time.

As you can tell, the place was PACKED with people!!

(kidding there)

Not much exciting here.  The kids got grade cards yesterday.  All A's except one from the middle school crowd.  All O's and S's from the elementary crowd.  The preschool crowd isn't graded yet.

We are proud of them.

I steam cleaned carpets Tuesday while Grant was at preschool.  I had to ponder whether it was worth stopping long enough to seek shelter in the basement while a tornado touched down about four miles from home. 

I kept cleaning.

I didn't want my carpets to be dirty when my house was blown away in the tornado!

The kids have their final match in Quick Recall this Saturday.  Their team finished fifth in their regional bracket.  That qualified them to move on to the county tournament this weekend.  I really don't look for them to make it to state level, but they could surprise all of us still.  We'll see.

Grant and I are still cranking out Perler Bead shapes like there's no tomorrow.  He is wild for them right now.  No pictures of his new creations, but he gets ever more inventive as he works with them.  Yesterday he spelled his name with them.  I thought that was pretty good for five years old.

One of our ducks in MIA.  I don't know if it went looking for a better mate or if it became dinner for a lucky raccoon.  Either way, I'm guessing Donald has seen the last of Daisy.  I'm not looking forward to breaking that news to the kids.  I guess they'll learn first hand about how the food chain works with small animals.

The pond continues to fill quickly.  It should easily reach the spillway by spring.  We are looking forward to stocking the pond with some bass and catfish this coming fall and having some homegrown fish in a couple years to eat.

The horses are doing fine.  We've not been out to ride in a few weeks,  but hope to get there sometime this coming weekend if the Quick Recall tournament doesn't drag into the late afternoon.

OK, enough rambling.  I've got to go get kids ready for bed!


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