Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mom's Manic Midnight Musings - Part 2

Regarding The Subtlety of Symantics

I observed an interesting thing today.

I live in a flop house.

As I move about my home I most assuredly will see a dog flopped down by the side of our bed.  The twelve year old boy is flopped on his bed reading a book.  A cat is flopped on the landing of the stairs soaking in the sun.  Another dog will be flopped in the corner of the living room.  A twelve year old girl is flopped on the sofa in the basement watching television.  A cat is flopped across her lap while she watches.  I can find a five year old boy flopped on the playroom floor driving his matchbox cars from some imaginary here to somewhere else over there and without fail a six year old girl will be flopped on her tummy with a coloring book or a library book or such.

What's that??

That's not the REAL meaning of flop house?



On Why I Raised the White Flag

Today while driving my two youngest kids around the 'ville, Grace observed three flags, including a US flag, on display in front of an office building.  She asked why the middle one, the US flag, was taller.

I took the opportunity to explain the significance of displaying the flag of our county higher than any other flag present in order to show the importance of our country's flag.  Other flags must be flown lower to show respect.

After a moment of silent reflection Grace showed me how even a six year old mind is tripped up occasionally by flawed logic when she said, "So planes can't fly higher than the flag when they are close to it?"

I (trying to conceal my amusement) explained at great length that only flags being flown together need to observe these rules.  The rules of flag flying don't apply to airplanes.

I think she understood.

I felt quite proud of our conversation.

But then.....

Grant said, "But BIRDS can't fly higher than the flag.  Right, Mom?"


I surrendered and just agreed with him.

And THAT is how misinformation gets started.


On The Subject of Fuzzy (CAT) Math

Grace, Grant and I ran errands yesterday including a trip to the pet store.

Grant has become buddies with one of the cats up for adoption.  Each time we visit the store we have to stop and see the cat. 

He has even named it.....Nails.  ( I keep telling you we're awful at naming living things.)

After visiting 'Nails' today we got back in the car to continue our errands when this conversation transpired............

Grant:  I miss Kitty.  (still heard with some regularity in our house)  I wish we could take Nails home with us.

Me:  Nope.  We have two cats.  That's enough.

Grant:  (ignoring my less than gentle reply)  When can we take Nails home?

Me:  Not for a long time.  We don't need three cats.

Grant:  But we HAD three cats.  Why can't we have Nails?

Me:  We HAD three cats because Kitty was getting old and sick.  We were given Bella when she needed a home.  We knew we would not always have three cats.  Since Kitty got sick and died now we have two cats.  We don't need three cats.  Three is too many.  Two cats are enough. (Thinking this would end the conversation)

Grant:  (pondering in silence for a few minutes)  But if we take Nails and ANOTHER CAT then we wouldn't have THREE cats.  We would have FOUR, so that would be okay.  When can we bring them home?

(Did I miss something there?)


Calgon!  Take Me Away!!!

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