Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Cooking in the zoo kitchen presents its own unique challenges....

the most obvious being the lack of square footage.
Sometimes there's four or even five people milling around at once in a space really made for one person.

Not always fun.


when Grant broke out the play-doh in order to bake with me one day, I was more than happy to share my kitchen with another chef.

While I worked and mixed and rolled five pound (yes, FIVE) of meatballs for my family....

Grant worked hard and rolled at least as many of his own meatballs.....

Pretty good, huh?

He was so proud of his work.  He kept asking me to take a picture of him with them.

So I obliged.

Then because I'm a little weird I went ahead and took a picture of one of the trays of meatballs awaiting their fate in my oven. 

 These were naked (without BBQ).  I had to shove them in the oven so I had room on the counter for my other trays I was working on....
(refer to above subject - "the too small kitchen")

 Meatballs don't last long around here.  The beef ones don't anyway.  Play-doh meatballs were carefully preserved in a plastic container at Grant's insistence.  I found them a few days ago rock hard and beyond rescue. 

They were quickly and discreetly deposited in the trash.  I'll buy more playdoh.

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