Saturday, September 1, 2012

Better than blood from a turnip I guess

Lots of catching up to do with pictures now that we are home for a while.....
Last trip of the summer to the zoo
The guy in this picture has a face that makes me laugh almost as much

as the guy in this picture.

Splash park is done splashing for the summer

Good-bye baby polar bear.
We will see you next year.

Somehow this picture makes me think she's been watching
reruns of Charlie's Angels shows.
I was trying to get some work done in the office today.
Grant wanted to know if he and Grace could make themselves a snack.

In usual fashion, I said sure, just make sure it was a healthy snack.
Off they went to find a healthy snack.
After a considerable amount of time it occurred to me that I was hearing whirring sounds in the kitchen

accompanied by many laughs and giggles from the two snackers.

They decided to make orange juice using clementines and Grace's toy blender as a juicer.
They managed to squeeze about a half cup of juice before they ran out of oranges.
In spite of a sticky mess I was left to clean up, how was I to get mad at them?
I DID after all say to make a healthy snack, right?

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