Monday, December 16, 2013

Parenting Fail

I might or might not have let a certain seven year old eat birthday cake for breakfast this morning.

Cake does contain milk, eggs and wheat.

Don't judge.

Yeah, it's been a busy couple days.  Thanks for asking.

Grant was worried and got out of bed the other night to tell dad his troubles.

The problem?

He wasn't sure when during the night he should stop being six years old and start being seven.

Wish all problems in life were that easy to solve.

Technology is an awesome thing.

Grace has mastered her multiplication and division facts while playing a computer game on the school website.

Siblings are an even awesomer thing.

Grant has mastered HIS multiplication facts while watching computer games over his sister's shoulder.

Yes, I know awesomer is not a real world.  I figured even extremely poor grammar is forgivable when compared to serving cake for breakfast.


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