Monday, December 23, 2013


Grace brought home her art project on Friday.
It involved aluminum foil, a rock, glue and scrunching.
Art is all about interpretation, right?
When looking at Grace's creation, I see this...
while Grace probably imagines this....

Creative work #2

My interpretation of her work involves this sculpture of The Little Mermaid... 
Grace's interpretation also involved The Little Mermaid it.

Still counting down the days...

This year we have had more fun than usual with the advent treats.
Many tiny paper packages have been added to the treat selection.
Some notes have included cold hard cash
ranging from $1 to $20.  Luck Grant has pulled $45 dollars from the tree.
The next closest cash recipient has maybe collected $3-4 dollars.
Yes, you can ask Grant to pick your lottery numbers.
He seems to be pretty lucky.
Other notes pulled from the pile haven't been so profitable.
They have required the lucky winner to perform such feats as
name Santa's reindeer in alphabetical order
sing your favorite Christmas carol
tell one nice thing about each of your siblings
kiss the dog
It has added a new level of fun and excitement to the daily drawings!
Next year maybe I will include such treats as
clean the toilet
fold the laundry
cook dinner
No.  I didn't figure that would work very well either.
A girl can dream though.

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