Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Herd's And The Bees' Update

Sorry for the pitiful pun. 
It has been a long snowy weekend with many energetic kids stuck inside.
David finally had to start feeding the cows this week due to the snow and freezing rain.
They were very appreciative of the free meal.
This is a new and unusual sight.
David has been offering a bucket of grain to the cows when he checks them.

It has taken a while, but he has won them over a few at a time.
Now when the cows see David, instead of running away from him, they are running toward him hoping for a treat.

Buddy the Bull

In spite of the bitter cold the past few days, David managed to catch the bees flying when he checked on them last week.  That's pretty good for December.  They have been flying regularly until this recent cold snap.  I'm optimistic all four hives can make it through the rest of winter with no trouble.

The horses also received some much appreciated hay.
We moved them all to the second pasture a few weeks back.
They have the pasture all to themselves since the cows are in the back pasture and the goats are gone.
We didn't get rid of the goats.
They went to find a male suitor. We will bring them home in another week or two.
By April we should have a new crop of kids to raise. 
(four legged kids, not two legged)
We should most likely have six kids, but could possibly end up with nine or ten.
Between new goats and new calves, it will be a busy spring on the Shupe farm!
If you are looking for something to do, come help!!
Extra hands are always appreciated!

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