Thursday, May 21, 2015

End Of School Insanity

And it begins....

John had an ROTC awards program last week.  Then Saturday night John, Emily and I attended the band awards banquet and dance at a nearby country club.  Their spring concert was also last week.  Grace had a spring concert Wednesday night this week.  She and Grant both have awards programs at school next week. All of this is in addition to soccer, volleyball, swim lessons and high school youth group end of year party.  Yup.  We've been busy.

I love this time of year because it signifies school is coming to an end and summer stretches invitingly ahead.  But I hate how busy we stay running back and forth to everything.  I guess I shouldn't complain.  I'm grateful my kids have the chance to participate in all of these things.

Okay you math people.  Here's a little math quiz for you.

John and Emily both take the ACT.  What score did each student get if the average score was 30.5 and the range was 5?
With a little thought you can get their scores from that information, but that is as close as I will come to divulging true scores.  You can ask them for exact numbers.  Both did pretty well considering they took it as sophomores.  With another year behind them, they should be able to take it as juniors and get a score sufficient to meet their college admission needs.  That's all we need.  Anything more is just bonus points!

Grant's latest project was a presentation to his class on Brazil. He picked that country because they have such talented soccer players there.   
 Now Grace is doing working on a presentation on Bill Monroe, who is a Kentucky native.  She's planning to dress up as him too.  I asked her if she wouldn't prefer to be Ashely Judd or some other woman from Kentucky.
She said no.

This could be interesting.  Stay tuned.

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