Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photo Dump Time!

 Our syrup now has an official label.

Some of our finished product....

With farmers' markets beginning to open for the season, we are ready to get our product out to sell.  Two markets have already agreed to sell our syrup.  Right now I am waiting to hear from Kroger about putting our syrup in their Kentucky Proud section.  That would be a quick way to move about thirty gallons of syrup a year.

Things I don't miss seeing.....

ponies with snow up to their bellies

sunsets on a snowy field
(photo courtesy of Emily Shupe)

frozen creeks

and snowy bales

I will not complain of ninety degree days and yard work again (or at least until August).

Don't know if I ever posted these pictures, but they were still languishing on my camera.  I decided I should share (or reshare) again before filing them away.

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