Friday, May 22, 2015


 You might not be able to see her clearly, but Grace is sitting in the second chair in the front row...

This was at her band concert Wednesday night.

And in true Kentucky fashion, she had her shoes kicked off before I could get a picture after the concert that night.

Emily's last volleyball game of the regular season was Thursday night.
It is with great sadness that I report they finished the season with no wins.
Tournament starts Tuesday.  This will be over rather quickly I fear.

Look what I found on ebay.
I could not resist buying it.
Seeing it brought back many memories of childhood.

I have resorted to making pancake syrup for Grant.
He is obsessing over waffles right now and is burning through my maple syrup.

He is literally eating up our profits.

So I cooked up a batch of pancake syrup especially for him.
This seemed like the perfect pitcher to hold it.

Ahhh, memories!

Oh, and guess who is now home sick with a high fever feeling rotten....


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!!

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