Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kids and Dogs and Hamsters and Horses

Grant gave a science fair presentation today along with a couple of his buddies. Here they are in front of their presentation board. Their subject was how smoking affects the lungs.

Grant has a love for all things science and math.  The other day while playing old maid he made a card holder out of some Clix pieces. He loves to build.

Grace on the other hand really doesn't like science or math.  She's more a reading girl.  She is still hooked on her Black Stallion books.  As of the end of the school year she has over a hundred Accelerated Reader test points.  She needed 32 for the year.  Getting more than 60 put her in the high points club.  I think she made it with a safe margin.  She does have some serious competition though.  One boy in her room had more than 300 points for the year.  I always tell my kids to enjoy reading but don't take the test on every book they read.  Someday they may need a few extra points and that way they can review a book quickly and grab a few quick points if they need them.  Strategy people.  It's not about being smart.  It's about being efficient!

Remington waiting patiently on someone to let him in the back door at the farm.  He bangs his paw on the door and then sits patiently.

And this?
This is not a new form of exercise.  We have not joined the CrossFit bandwagon.  This is Grace and Grant letting hamsters crawl around inside their shirts.

I kid you not.

Now if I EVER had a hamster crawling around in my shirt, you would find me looking something like this.....
This was Juliet after we finished riding her Monday morning.  She didn't appreciate being hot and sweaty.  Since we didn't take time to hose her down, she took matters into her own hands, er, hooves.