Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fun And Not So Fun

Schools were closed Tuesday for primary elections in Kentucky. 

Although schools close for the political process, other places carry on business as usual. 

Our traditional Election Day trip included a stop at our favorite donut making store. 

If you recognize those paper hats, then you've probably eaten fresh hot donuts from Krispy Kreme. 

Next stop. Louisville Zoo. 

Emily tagged along. John chose to stay home and miss

One of their favorite things to do (other than look at animals) is to play with manual type writers that are part of an African Safari display.

 Why?  No clue.

The not so fun part of the day came right as we were leaving the zoo.  By the time we returned home, Grant was feeling very ill.  His temperature climbed as high as 104.6 by evening and never got below 101 even with medicine during the night.  He is obviously home from school today and feeling much better now.  He is feeling good enough to beat me on the Wii playing Mario Kart.  Stinker.

I'm guessing he will be back at school tomorrow.  Whatever he had seems pretty fast moving.  I just hope he keeps it to himself and doesn't share.

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