Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Very Merry Unbirthday To Grant!

When is it socially acceptable to have kids as old as eighteen hurling balls at my ten year old daughter?

When she is playing dodgeball at House of Boom. 

We tried to celebrate grant's UNbirthday Tuesday. We planned to take his friend to Kentucky kingdom for an UNbirthday party. Severe weather changed our plans.   Instead we ended up at an indoor trampoline place....again. 

By the time we left we had accumulated a few more friends to join the UNparty. 

Eight kids ended up back at the house to eat pizza and play games on a rainy cold summer day. Grant said at bedtime that it was the best day of the summer so far. I think that makes it a pretty good day. 

My house looks like we hosted a preschool frat party last night, but that's okay.  If you measure the fun by the mess, they had a great time. 

Rumor has it there was a little bit of weed being shared at the party too. See the guilty parties?  

The cat have a new addiction. 

To grass. 

Happy Wednesday!

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