Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fifth of July Celebration

For the first time in several years everyone in our house is enjoying corn on the cob. 

Even Remington. 
No one is missing front teeth, and everyone is out of braces. 

In preparation for some serious corn on the cob consumption, we planted ten rows of corn. That should be enough!

Hope you all enjoyed a great day yesterday celebrating the Fourth. We celebrated a day late, but it is never too late to celebrate the birthday of our country. 

The barn is progressing. Loft floors are in. Rafters are going up. 

Before leaving the farm we took a few minutes to partake in a summer tradition...blackberry picking!

All four kids were great help. Grant ate his weight in blackberries, but the other three helped pick enough for a blackberry cobbler. 

The berries were sweet and juicy. All of the rain made for a great crop. 

One cobbler sits ready to be enjoyed tonight. There are enough berries for a couple more cobblers too. Now if I can just find time to make them!  

Happy Sunday!

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