Monday, July 20, 2015

Still Going!

Keeping a journal of our adventures....

Friday night we ventured into Dodge City to visit Boot Hill Museum and watch a gunfight. We also drove past a cattle feed yard scenic overlook. Not sure how scenic it was, but it was definitely scented. 

Then Saturday we jumped over to Fort Collins, Colorado. We have been enjoying  the beautiful weather and the wonderful scenery of the Rocky Mountains. 

Yesterday was spent enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had a great time driving and seeing the sights. We even played in the snow!

Today we have hung out at camp and played. There is a never ending list of things to do. 

Topping the list are the bumper boats. 

Followed closely in second by the paddle boats. Bonus points for having boats shaped like ducks, swans and dragons. 

This afternoon John, Emily and David are white water rafting. I am covering pool duty with Grace and Grant. 

Mini golf, bouncing pillows, badminton, and corn hole have kept us busy the rest of the time. 

Tomorrow we are headed south to Colorado City. 

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