Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Grace and Grant went to camp Sunday.  This year's theme was Campelot.  

The message was that God is capable of helping us slay the dragons we face in life. 

I would say they got a few real life examples of dragons to fight.  They have dealt with heat, mud, rain and even a tornado warning at 2:30 in the morning forcing everyone out of bed and into the bathrooms until the storm passed.
Grace's Group (front row left)

That's some pretty big dragon slayin' for third, fourth and fifth graders....They dealt with all of that on top of the typical camp challenges like missing family, pets and home....remembering to shower....wearing clean clothes each day.....

eating strange food...and sleeping in a strange bed in a room full of strangers.  That's a lot to deal with I'd say.

(Grant's group - middle row right end)

They always come back seeming so much older.  They learn a lot in a short time too!
 Crafting - making bill folds from duct tape

Swimming in the lake - getting BLOBBED

 And more important than any of the other stuff...

being baptized

Grant's counselor baptized him on the last day of camp.

We couldn't be prouder.

Love you, Grant!

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