Friday, July 17, 2015

Presidents and Stoves

Last night after seven hours driving and a two hour delay with tire troubles, we rolled in to Kansas City just in time to take a very quick tour of the Truman Presidential Museum. 

Then it was back to the camper for dinner and a little fun swimming and bouncing and mini golfing... Well deserved fun after a long day in the truck. 

Oak Grove was our first KOA of the trip. 
It was a great stop. 

Today we made our second vacation stop. This too was a presidential museum, Eisenhower's was located in Abilene, Kansas. This was very interesting and educational for two teenagers getting ready to study AP U S History. 

Onward we journey toward the many parks and sights still to experience. We are excited!

On a personal note, I couldn't help but think of my mother as I read the sign explaining how President Eisenhower had this stove placed in the white house especially for his use when making his famous chili. 

Does the president's stove look familiar?

Yes, Mom.  You and the president cooked on the exact same stove. I believe his lasted longer than yours. His was finally removed from its place of honor in 1990 at which time it was donated to the museum bearing his name. 

Call me crazy. I actually got pretty sentimental seeing this old thing!

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