Monday, July 6, 2015

Driving Lessons

Patiently waiting for the lifeguard to blow the whistle. 

Grant taking a break to check on me. 
They really want me to swim with them. I really don't want to. That's the trade-off of having an older, wiser mom. 

I used to always get in the pool when john and Emily were younger. 

Now I prefer viewing the action from the comfort of a warm, dry deck chair. 

Oh, I'd jump in to save a life. And maybe for money, if someone offered me large sums of money to jump in. 

I can't think of many more things that would motivate me to jump in and join the fun. 

Yes. That probably makes me old. 

There is no shame in that. 

Speaking of old......

I loaded up the kids for a rules of the road lesson.....,,Kentucky style.

Here, John takes a spin on the driving course while I coach from the back seat...white knuckled and grim faced. 

Then it was Emily's turn at the course. 

What's that?

You mean I have to let them practice in real cars on real roads?

I think I'll leave that to David.  I'm not sure I'm ready to have newly licensed drivers at the zoo.  Tin Lizzies at Kentucky Kingdom are close enough to the real thing for me.

Yes. They are counting down the days until their sixteenth birthday....the birthday that we will celebrate on the road again this year. They won't get their license until we get home in August. 

That was not intentionally planned. Promise. 

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