Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday Stuff

Squeak found himself locked up in jail. 
Not sure what the crime was or how long he has to serve. Given hamsters only live a couple years, I hope the judge went easy on him. 

John is studying at the Shupe Culinary School for College Kids. 

Today's lesson was chicken pot pie. 

He had a pretty tough audience to please, but he did very well based on how much was left. 

Grant licked the dish clean. 


We threw a science lesson into the mix this week too. David showed the kids how to make speakers with cups and a paper towel tube. 
They loved it. 

Poor grant got his new retainer today. According to Grant, cupcakes make sore teeth feel better. 

So we picked up a few. Maybe he will share. 

Or not. 

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