Tuesday, September 22, 2015


According to John's ROTC instructor, I cannot be done since I am not a turkey.  So I guess that makes me finished...not done.

I'm really referring to my ever evolving kitchen.

2000 - This is how it looked when we bought the house.

2009 - Painting and counter tops were the first steps 

2013 - Water damaged the cabinets and we had to repair them resulting in a new look

2015 - New Appliances finished the new look

I swore I would never buy stainless steel appliances.  It seemed like a one way ticket to insanityville given the number of kids, dogs and cats living here that all like to lick, touch or otherwise mess up my seldom clean house.

I found a new appliance finish I fell in love with last year.  It took me a year and a dying dishwasher to finally decide to go for it.  The look is called Slate by GE.  I'm not a huge GE fan, but I like the color.  Not a fingerprint or a smudge do I see.

The only thing better would be if our new appliances would prepare the food for me!

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