Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall Recital

Here is proof once again of exactly how out of control life is. 
(as if you needed any more proof)

Waaaay back in June or July (I can't remember exactly) I recorded all four kids playing one of their piano pieces.  I try to do this about every six months.  I have failed miserably.

Anyway, I finally documented their absolute brilliance at piano playing.  

Just sayin'.

The only problem was I could not download the files to my blog.  In spite of the fact I have done this a dozen times, the ability to download this time eluded me.  But.  Today I made up my mind to conquer my techno disability.  And I am happy to announce I found a way to compress files and download them here.

And so, without further delay and for your listening pleasure I present the Shupe Conservatory of Music Summer Fall Recital. Enjoy.

Performing first is Grant Shupe.  As you will note from the video, he is my fourth and (thankfully) final piano student.  This simply means I am completely over it and am only going through the motions with him.  It might show just a little.  Or a lot.  He's sweet though and doesn't seem to mind my weak attempts.

Performing next is Grace Shupe.  She is a serious student who plays to her own beat (at times literally).
She enjoys her music.  That is all that matters.

John Shupe will now perform an original piece he composed last year.  He isn't quite finished with it, but I think it is an amazing start for a first attempt.

Performing last is Emily Shupe.  She has come a long way.  What a joy to listen to her play in her sweet gentle manner.  I will miss the sound of her music when she goes to college. Oh, and if you listen at the very start of the video you will clearly hear her gently whisper the words "I hate you so much." to her mother.  Yup.

Thank you for attending our recital.   If you have managed to watch all four videos, you deserve a gold sticker for your eternal patience.  Thank you for loving our kids enough to share in their accomplishments.

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