Thursday, September 17, 2015

Random randomness of the most random kind

Friday night fun at the football game. Varsity is 3-0 so far this season. Last week's game was played in the pouring rain and the place was still packed. Go Bulldogs!

David rolled John and Emily out at 6:00 Saturday morning to work at the farm. Progress is still being made on the barn project. The job of the day was to clear trees so new water and electric lines can be buried to the barn. Fence starts going in in a couple weeks. It's exciting to see the progress each week. 

Grant found a toy tucked in the back of a cabinet. 

Meet Wee Boy. 

He can be filled with water. And then as you would expect...

He wees. Who makes such a thing?!  I guess people with the same twisted sense of humor we posess seeing as how we bought it!

In a show of solidarity I shared via text a piece of cake tonight. Cake even when shared across the miles makes bad things not quite so bad. 

Any time dear friend. Thinking of you today. Chin up. 

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