Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sting Pong - Poetry - Pool - Broken Laptops

The name of my son's favorite game to play with friends. It involves all of the equipment necessary for old fashioned ping pong plus a small dose of sado  masechism. He returns home covered in welts. This being the sting part of the equation. When your opponent scores a point he gets to hit you with the ping pong ball. Nice game. I know.

Sometimes I don't get teenage boys. 


Fifth Grade Poetry Class

I Am
by Grace Shupe

I am focused and athletic
I wonder how a plant grows
I hear the sound of duck feet
I see a tree blooming
I want a really fast horse
I am focused and athletic

I pretend to be a horse
I feel goofy when I laugh
I touch the sky
I worry about my horse
I cry when I get made fun of
I am focused and athletic

I understand how to saddle a horse
I say the closer they are the more they fight
I dream about horses
I try to do my best
I hope for a great sixth grade teacher
I am focused and athletic

It's funny how as a parent we think we know our kids, yet the most unexpected moments catch us completely unprepared.  When I read her poem, I did not find the mention of a horse on alternating lines to be surprising.  I did find it interesting how her free spirit shines through even in her writing.  


He did it again.  Grant managed to be the first person into the pool this summer.  And he managed to be the last person out of the pool as well.  The accomplishment was not without some risk though.  Another father and wayward toddler were as slow as molasses in January exiting the pool.  Poor Grant was holding back so he could exit last from the water.  Before he could accomplish his mission, a lifeguard who was more than eager to close the pool for the season whistled at Grant to hurry it up.  We pretended not to notice.  The slow guy and his daughter finally made their exit.  Grant triumphantly added a fourth successful year to his current streak of first in/last out.

Sometimes I think eight year old boys are more complicated than teenage boys.


Emily is working hard and getting good grades this year.  She made an amazing batch of chocolate chip/oreo cookies over the weekend.  She's not using her manners though and sharing with others.  Brothers and sister would sure like a cookie.  Emily is keeping them under lock and key.  She plans to share them with her high school youth group Wednesday evening when they meet for the first time this school year.

Sadly, Emily learned this week why she should not leave her open laptop lying on the floor.  It would have been a perfect I-told-you-so moment.  I refrained.  


It would seem I have taken an extended blogcation.  I am currently trying to get my life in order (HAHA) so I can get back to blogging.  Wish me luck with that.

The family has been busy doing lots of things both big and small.  Maybe I can share some of it with you now that my blogcation has come to an end.

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