Thursday, September 24, 2015

Farm Fun

A new load of sand made for renewed interest in the sandbox. 

It also made for really dirty clothes.

Sunday was perfect for riding horses.

We stopped to play in a clearing near one of the creeks.

About ten seconds after I took this idyllic picture both Grace and Emily found themselves unceremoniously dumped on the ground by their trusty steeds.
I'm not sure what spooked the horses, but both girls ended up on their bottoms. Neither was hurt thankfully. They remounted, and we finished our ride with no more problems. 

You just never know with horses. Like a neighbor once told us...if you want a reliable ride, take a four wheeler. 

We fished our pond on Sunday. Grant had the most luck. He pulled the biggest catfish. David pulled a second catfish.

We also caught some bass and a lot of bluegill.

Some were not quite big enough to keep, but all of them were big enough to excite our kids.

I rendered my second batch of lard. The question now is should I fry fish in lard?  I've got to do some research on that question. 

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend too!

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