Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Because Spellchechk....

 NOvember is half over.  We have enjoyed our extra time playing and reading.  Grace and Grant find themselves with time to do things otherwise neglected in preference for watching television or playing video games.

Part of that free time was spent at the BMX track, and I DID take pictures.  I forgot I snapped a couple on my phone.

But last night NOvember gave me the biggest laugh I've had in a while....

I was gone most of the evening driving John to and from All-County Band practice.  Though Emily was home working on homework, she left Grace and Grant to entertain themselves.

They chose to make a book of their favorite Pokemon characters. They even gave their book a cover page.  Unfortunately, they didn't use spellcheck when they made it.

And much to my surprise it was Grace who misspelled 'pitchures'.  I fully expected it to have been Grant.  The funniest part came when they both agreed that by marking out the H they now had the word spelled correctly.  

I didn't have the heart to tell them otherwise.  It's okay.  
We are from Kentucky you know.

Here are a few of the thirty or so PITCURES they drew last night....

I totally do not understand their pokemon world, but they take it very seriously.  They talk at great length about attacks, hit points, powers, etc.

I smile and nod as if I am really contributing to the conversation.  They don't seem to mind my lack of real knowledge as long as I'm interested in what they're telling me.

That's all that matters.  Well, that....

along with telling them how to really spell PITCURES!

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