Friday, November 13, 2015


 Here was my anniversary gift from my best friend.  Every year for twenty-four years I have received roses on our anniversary.  Even the years he was not home to celebrate the milestone with me I have found a dozen flowers at my door.  And every year I enjoy putting them in "Helen's Vase" as we call it.  It is a lovely reminder of a lovely person.  I wish  there had been time to know her better.

Pajama day at school for meeting attendance goals this year...

Grace wore elf pajamas

Grant was too cool to wear pajamas.
 I don't blame him. His class had a field trip scheduled.  He didn't want to parade downtown in his pajamas.  I chaperoned the trip and will say many students did not share Grant's reservations about being in public in pajamas.  Lots of kids went to the Children's Theater in bathrobes and slippers.  But not Grant.

One pour.  One pick.

One of the things we do around here to keep the peace.  If two kids share something, one child gets to divide the item however they see fit.  The other child gets to pick which portion they prefer.  This seems to keep life pretty fair and pretty quiet.

 They work extra hard at dividing things equally so the other person doesn't have a chance to pick the larger portion.  King Solomon has nothin' on  moms desperate to settle just one of the two thousand arguments  in any given week.

 In spite of disagreements over little things like who gets to be at the front of the bus line or whose turn it is to pick what book we read, these two still remain best friends.


Things are moving along.  We have had another busy week.  Thank you Grandma for coming to visit.  The kids enjoyed spending time with you and sharing some fun with you.  Of course pizza and pool always equal happiness when your are eight and ten years old!  Thank you.

Grace made Quick Recall team at her school.  She also joined BETA Club which is being offered for the first time.  It recognizes academic performance and community involvement.  John and Emily both belong to the high school BETA Club.

We lost one of our favorite horses this past week.  David found her in the pasture in obvious distress.  Within just a few hours she was gone.  The vet had a couple ideas as to what the problem was.  We will miss her.  She was the little horse Grace and Grant rode.  

Juliet will definitely be missed.

Off to work.  Volunteering at school is lots of fun, but I wish someone would volunteer to clean my house and do my laundry while I'm off having fun!  Anyone??!

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