Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It Runs In The Family

Loving animals runs in the family.
Grace has to do volunteer work for Junior BETA Club.

She chose to do her hours at the pet store socializing stray cats.
Emily and John did this a few years ago for the same purpose.

And I'm guessing I'll be back in two years so Grant can get his volunteer hours.
My life sort of resembles the movie Groundhog Day.  
I keep doing the same thing over and over!

A love of coloring runs in the family too.
I have seen a lot of this going on since it is NOvember.

I'll have to post some of the finished works of art.

We have the political gene in our family too.
This is our local Junior Achievement Biz Town.
Each year the fifth grade class takes a field trip to Biz Town.

Everyone gets a job for the day.  They learn about invoicing, billing, taxes, licenses, budgeting, applying for loans, paychecks, using a checking account, debit cards, and more than I can even remember.  It's a lot for one day.

The kids really love it though.  It is such a fun experience.  And everyone participates.  They are business owners, CPA's, policemen, doctors, utility workers, sanitation workers and ....well, you get the idea.

Part of Grace's job was to give a speech at the open and close of the day.

She was the mayor of Biz Town.

So if you ever need advice, Grandpa, on how a mayor should do his job, feel free to ask Grace.
She is an expert now.

Something else that runs in the family is our love of a good bargain.
How about gas for 86 cents with Kroger Fuel Points?

I put 25 gallons in my car for less than $22!!!!!!!
That makes me happy.

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