Thursday, November 5, 2015


 Yes.  Once again our kids are enjoying the lovely family tradition of NO-vember.

No television
No video games
No Wii
No iPhone

No Kidding.  

And new this year....

 These guys have all gone home with their new owners.  Yes.  They will be missed.  But I am still glad they have been adopted. 

First one to go and by far the one that will get spoiled the most.  Vicky is recently widowed and decided it was time to add a cat to her family.  Brody, as she named him, will be king of the castle I can tell. She and I have visited a lot and plan to stay in touch.

 Frank was the second to go home. 

This one was the last to go.  She left Monday night with her new owner.  I am certain we will be seeing updates on how she is doing.  Lisa was so sweet.  She was at our house a couple times during the adoption process.

So the idea of fostering more kittens was considered....and tabled for another day.  We are too busy right now to be of any real help.  The shelter desperately needs more people to foster, but I more desperately need to hold on to the last shred of sanity I possess.  I'll save kitten fostering for another day.

And now that it is NOvember and we have NO kittens, we have been busy doing other important things like reading more books, playing games and even digging into the playdoh box. 

Picture Emily took at the farm Sunday night...

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