Monday, November 23, 2015

What's Going On?

 I'm cleaning and organizing and catching up thanks to an unexpected weekend at home.  Yeah!!!

So, the first project involved getting old pictures off my camera.  You're gonna get a lot of old pictures mixed in with new ones for a while.  I'm sure you won't mind.  And maybe, thanks to my early onset dementia, you will see a few pictures that I've already posted previously.  Lucky you!

Grace doing pottery wheel

She is making pencil holders to give her teachers for Christmas

Once again, I marvel at how grown up Grace is becoming.  This fall when I took Emily shopping for clothes, we took Grace with us.  She found some very cute things that fit her pretty well. 

Now Emily's favorite clothing store is also Grace's favorite clothing store.

Plato's Closet Consignment Store
It also happens to be my favorite store. 
 I'm not penniless when we leave there!

 Newest projects at Rock Hills Farm

We are working toward certification as a Homebased Processor.  That would mean we can sell other food items besides syrup, honey and beef...all three which are exempt from most state regulation of food items. 

Once we are certified, we can add a few things to our growing list of foods for sale.

This list might include organic peanut butter

whole wheat bread

and baking mixes like muffin and pancake mixes to complement our syrup.
I've got to take a training class and then submit recipes for approval. 
Sounds simple.
We shall see. 

You know you might be mentally distracted and a bit too busy when you arrive home to find
one very lucky bunny loose in the living room

 where you forgot you put him three hours earlier.

I say lucky because the dogs (who are afraid of the bunny, thankfully) were also in the house.

That could have ended badly. 

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