Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween And More

Pumpkin carving was a success this year.

David added a little comic relief to the afternoon.  He is wearing goggles made from the strobe lights we put in our pumpkins.  David's young apprentice is gazing admiringly at his juvenile antics. I pity Grant's wife someday.  I know what she will be dealing with!

Back to carving.  We got serious this year.  David used a drill to carve their pumpkins.  As if we're all professional or something!

John and Emily preferred doing it the old fashioned way...mess and all.

Trick-or-treating was Saturday night here.  The kids picked some dandy costumes.  I can't quite understand their selections, but hey, they were happy.  That is what counts.

 Helping Grant get ready...

Cheesing it up for the camera

Ready to go!!

 Emily made Olaf this year.  I don't think she was as happy with this as she was Tinkerbell last year, but it was still pretty good.





Nope.  I didn't do one.  But here is everyone else's  finished product.

Neighbors are getting wise.  They just set a bowl of candy on their front porch.  That frees them up to gather with other neighbors and party.  It doesn't bother the kids if no one answers the door.  They just want the candy.

Checking the night's haul

Dad fighting for his fair share

Hope your weekend was enjoyable.  We've been busy working at the farm and enjoying a four day weekend.

Happy Wednesday (which really feels like Monday since it's the first day of school this week)

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