Monday, February 8, 2016

Be Warned!

There are two new drivers on the road.  You might want to exercise caution when driving in close proximity to our neighborhood.

I promise you will smell them before you see them...since they're in the mouse-mobile.

More barn pictures....cattle working area in one of the lean-to's

Still don't have the chute put together, but we are progressing!

Here you can see the "bridge" as the kids call it.  It is a walkway connecting one side of the hayloft to the other side.  There is a bridge at each end of the barn.  Now the kids get up in the hayloft and run laps around the inside of the barn.

Inside view of one of the "bridges".

 Instructions for using the stairs...

Sometimes we need instructions to use the stairs.  It gets pretty complicated.

Jet obviously didn't read the signs.  He wasn't stepping where he was supposed to.
What a rebel.

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