Friday, February 26, 2016

Zoo News

 John and Emily are loving the new found freedom of a driver's license.

Suddenly it is imperative that they get to the office supply store immediately.  Gotta have those pens now.

A new reason to drive to school materializes every morning.  Strange how there are so many things to do after school once driving became a viable mode of transportation.  Bus??  What bus?? 

Can I go to the movie with Katie?  Can I go to House of Boom with Regan?  Can we go out for coffee?  Can I meet a group for pizza?  Can I go to a youth group activity at church?  

Good thing gas is cheap. 

Sounds like they're going to be buying a lot of it.

Grant tried out for soccer at school Tuesday.  We find out today if he made the team.  Not to worry if he doesn't make it.  He is already signed up for YMCA soccer...just in case.  Like it or not, I get to be a soccer mom again this year.  

I like it.

Valentine's Day at School

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  

Third batch of cookies...Cale did manage to get a few....although he never did get one with icing.

Not to worry...I think you will soon have a steady supply of cookies, Cale!

Because someone (not me)  is very Type A.... I found this on the kitchen counter.  Tootsie Pop sold bags of red suckers for Valentine's Day.  I think our family has consumed about 600 suckers this month, give or take a few hundred.

Because we joke a lot in this house about being passive aggressive...
 I had to buy this card for David.

Happy Friday!!

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