Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Camera Cleaning

Playing Toss Up with Grace and Grant.

A game can take hours because they do not understand the concept of "playing it safe".  Both of them will continue rolling the dice until they get reds and lose all their points.

And being the good mom that I am (sometimes), I try to lose my fair share of games.
That way everyone has fun.

Hot Chocolate Chef

Couch Queen - Emily

Playing with Magic Sand that belonged to David

Pretty weird stuff

Grant and his buddy, Clay, getting ready to go sled on one of our many snow days. 
I celebrate the fact I don't have to help kids get snow clothes on.  Nor do I have to be outside with them while they play in the snow.  I'm sure my snowman building, snowball throwing, sledding days aren't gone forever though.  It just doesn't have to be every time the kids want to go play in the snow now!  Yeah!!

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