Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's Up?

It has been close to a week.  I better post before it turns into two or three weeks!  Time flies.

We celebrated Valentine's Day Sunday.  Candy and cards were passed around.  Love was expressed.  Money was spent.  We contributed our fair share.  Those who market such holidays should be pleased with our efforts.

We had a house guest this past weekend.  Cale came to visit.  He and I spent many hours visiting and wandering around Louisville.  We had a productive and enjoyable weekend.  More on that later.

There was a bit of civil unrest at the zoo this weekend.  Darts were flying as members of the zoo took part in a full scale military operation involving nerf guns.  No one was safe.  At times it was difficult to determine who exactly was on which side.  Loyalties were short lived as friend fired upon friend and enemies made unholy alliances with one another.  The battle raged for most of two days before warring sides called an end to the violence.  We shall see how long the peace will last.  Thank you Cale for adding a new level of crazy to our nerf wars.  Much appreciated!

We had another snow day Monday.  That means we are now adding days to the end of the school calendar.  Our new date for the end of the year is May 26th.  That is still far better than June 6 from last year.  Let's hope for an early spring.  Please be right, Mr. Groundhog!

John had a recital at school tonight.  Members of the band were given the opportunity to perform their solos and ensembles for parents and friends.  This is preparation for their upcoming contest this Saturday.  He and Emily both have solos to perform.  I think John is part of four other ensembles as well.  Emily chose not to perform tonight.  I don't blame her.

John and Emily are driving to school tomorrow morning for the first time.  Say a prayer.  They could use some divine intervention I am sure.

No pictures tonight.  Goodnight!

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