Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Lesson In Sharing....Or Not


I love our dogs.  So I recently bought them each a new chew toy.

Remington liked his new bone. But he LOVED the lamb I bought for Meg.

In fact, he loved her new lamb so much that every time I passed through the living room this is what I found.... 

Remington chewing on Meg's lamb.

And Meg looking longingly at Remington chewing on her new lamb. 
 Poor Meg. Doesn't she look sad?
I felt so sorry for Meg.  So I went back to the pet store just to buy a second lamb.

Problem solved

Well, not really.  
Now Remington takes BOTH lambs away from Meg. 
And she looks longingly at Remington chewing on both lambs.

If I take one away from Remington and let Meg have it, he promptly takes it back.

'SHARES WITH OTHERS' would not have a checkmark on his puppy grade card. 
Sorry, Meg!

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