Sunday, October 9, 2016

To Do List

The list is long, and as anyone living on a farm would quickly concur, the list is never ending. But we spent Saturday and most of Sunday working our way down the to do list at the farm. 

In no particular order...,

We hung a sign in the barn. 

John designed this and had it custom made for David for Christmas last year. We have been waiting to complete the barn before we hung it. Today it was hung. 
I think it looks pretty amazing. And I love the fact it was a gift from John. 

Horses were ridden for the first time in many weeks. They were a bit squirrelly at first but soon settled down for a fun few hours of riding. 

I took this one of my horse, Romeo. He seemed unimpressed by the extra attention as he made his way down the trail. 

After taking the two younger kids for a ride, David, Emily and I enjoyed a faster pace and a longer ride through the trails. 

We also took a look at some of the fence on our newest pasture. We are four gates and a watering trough away from being ready to use our newest pasture. 

Grace on her new buddy Hershey. Hershey was the perfect replacement when we lost Juliet. He has two speeds...slow and stop. 

Our old Filter Medic trailer was quickly converted into our new goat shed. 

David built a ramp so the goats could get in and the horses would stay out. 

Don't they look thrilled with their new living arrangements?
All three girls should be having babies in the next four to six weeks. Now they have a snug, dry place to stay. And since the trailer is portable, we can now rotate what pasture we want to keep the goats in. Today we caught them and moved them back with the horses. The goats were not pleased with their new pasture buddies. 
The horses though were overjoyed with their new friends and spent several happy minutes chasing dazed and confused goats around the pasture. They were just trying to say hello!

Bees were checked for probably the last time this year. Everything seemed to be in good shape for winter. With such warm weather many were still flying. 

Apple pies were baked and consumed. 

Fires were built and hot dogs were roasted. 

And coloring pages were filled. What else is a kid to do without electronics?

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

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