Monday, October 24, 2016

Jam - Play - Design

 When people play different instruments at the same time, it is called music.

Except when those people are not playing the same song.  Then it is called noise.
This is what noise looks like...if noise actually has a physical look.

The kids were passing around their various instruments having a litte fun one afternoon after school.
We now own a trumpet, piccolo trumpet, oboe, saxophone, trombone and two flutes.  That can make a whole lot of noise.  Tylenol, please.

During fall break, I took Grace and Grant to Chuck E. Cheese.
I love that place. (sarcasm)
Grant, however, REALLY loves that place.
He continues his streak of having the magic touch at winning tickets.

Part of the day's bounty

Grace is not so fortunate with ticket winning
But she loves playing the games!

Grant might have a future in fashion design

Well, he will if there's ever a demand for dragon jewelry.

Good job, Grant! 

Grace has a bit of her father's engineering talent.
Maybe she can get a job in fluid mechanics someday.


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