Sunday, March 27, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.....

As I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets tonight, I carefully lifted this little dust covered hen from the top of my cabinets.

David brought this home not long after we were married.

I thought to myself, "Great!  What am I supposed to do with a CHICKEN?"

I didn't exactly see what he saw in the chicken.
I didn't love the chicken....

at all.

I tolerated the chicken because I loved David.

With years though, I see things through different eyes.

This chicken, which is a cookie jar by the way, came from his Grandma Weber's house.  He acquired the chicken when Grandma was moving out of the home she had lived in for many years....a home with many memories attached to it....just like the chicken.

Grandma Weber is gone now.

We still have the chicken though. 

It roosts safely above my kitchen cabinets where the chances of an accidental encounter with one of my kids is relatively small.

I don't know what the chicken is worth, but guess what?  It doesn't really matter, because over the years I have to admit I've changed.

I love this chicken.

I was given a new 'favorite thing' at Christmas time this year.
Aunt Lois bestowed me with this little girl who likes to twirl and show off her fancy dress to a tinkling musical melody.

This lady had resided with Aunt Lois for almost forty years, but I was lucky enough to become her caregiver.
Now she has a place of honor right beside my computer screen in the office.  Maybe someday when I can trust little hands, I'll pass her on to one of my own little girls.

Her story is pretty simple really.  She went to live with Aunt Lois years ago when Aunt Lois had watched my brothers and I one long weekend.  Mom gave her this musical gift as a thank you for babysitting us.

I remember many things about that weekend.  Now I have an even more special way to remember those memories.

And these little sweethearts have to be one of my all time favorite things.....

I can remember them sitting watch atop my Grandma Quillen's stove for as many years as I have memories of Grandma's house.

All of the money in the world can't bring Grandma back....nor could it persuade me to part with these two guys.  They now rest atop my own stove making me ever mindful of the hands that held them so many times before mine.

Yes, these definitely are a few of my favorite things....

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