Friday, March 4, 2011

He has rock(s) in his head

Seriously......he does.

Tonight while I was preparing dinner Grant came into the kitchen.  He made me kneel down because he had 'a secret to tell' me.  He whispered something I didn't fully understand since the house was loud with kids and dogs and cats and television all going at once.  It sounded like he said he had a rock in his nose or maybe like the dog bit his toes or he wanted to play with the garden hose.  I couldn't really say for sure.  I just said something motherly like 'oh that's go play until dinner'

Big mistake.

Ten or fifteen minutes later he was back wanting to tell me another secret.  I dutifully knelt down and this time I clearly heard him whisper in my ear....

"my nose hurts...can you get the rock out?"

Oh    #$%^!!!

So after much blowing of Grant's nose and sticking a flashlight and a nasal aspirator up his nose and after a last minute call to the pediatrician I loaded up my four year old rock jamming orifice blocking son and off to Kosair Children's Hospital we headed.

He was not happy about being asked to wear a pulse ox meter.

He was even less thrilled at the new attire.

Three and a half hours, three x-rays, three failed saline irrigations, two failed suctioning attempts they sent my son home with a rock still stuck in his sinus cavity and a phone number for a pediatric ENT to call on Monday.

So, how is your weekend going??


  1. I can't believe this post has been up for more than an hour and no one has commented on it. A rock?! In his sinus cavity?! How far up did he squish that thing?! Poor guy, sounds painful! How will they get it out since the other things didn't work?

  2. calling the ent doctor on Monday...I've been told it will probably involve sedation and a scope to reach it. It's so far up that you can't see it with an otoscope and light.