Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Late...

Too tired for the whole story tonight, but no rock.  Five hours, one sedated four year old, one endoscope and one fantastic doctor later we have decided he swallowed it at some point and it went down (and out) unnoticed.  The doctor said by now if it were aspirated he would be having breathing issues.  Since he's not, it went through his digestive tract.  I know you wanted to know that.  :-)  The only catch would be if he aspirated it in the past day or two there could be a small (microscopic) chance it is in a lung.  If so, symptoms would begin to show within a day or two.  Shy of something cropping up in the next couple days with his breathing, he's free of rocks.  We truly don't anticipate any problems from here on out.

Grant learned a new lesson from an ER nurse as well.....don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your nose...or your ear.  He's said that to me a dozen times today.  I think this ordeal has taken the shine off of the idea of putting things in places they don't belong.

David and I have had many good chuckles over this the past few days as we've renamed our youngest son 'Rocky' in honor of his escapades.  I can't say the experience hasn't come with a fair share of unspoken anxiety that I think any parent would feel as they watch their child being wheeled off to the OR.  I know it wasn't a huge medical issue in the big picture of what families go through, but I would be lying to say I'm not just a wee bit tired tonight and feel like a small weight (about the size of a little brown pebble) has been lifted after today's procedure.

I'm sure that the pan of no bake cookies shared with my husband this evening and a good night's sleep will restore the world to a somewhat more normal appearance tomorrow.

Good night.  I'm off to bed!!!


  1. a) I'm going to need to make some no bakes soon...after Easter...dangit Lent!
    b) I'm sorry Grant had to go through it of course, but it's kind of neat to see some of the things that I'm learning about pop up into your blog :-)

  2. sweets and facebook...sweets I'm pretty sure I can hold out on, facebook is TBD...