Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Always Something....

I was going to bed in a few minutes, but suddenly we hear a strange noise in the house.....loud, persistent, obnoxious noise....no, it wasn't the kids. 

After much searching and head scratching David and I figured out it was the water main into the house.  The meter outside is broken and water is pouring out of the ground.  It has actually swelled a circle about four feet in diameter and about a foot tall in the yard where it has literally lifted the sod in a mound. 

So now.....I wait on Louisville Water District to show up and assess the situation.  This could be a long night.  Maybe I'll get my pictures caught back up.  Maybe there will be lots of pictures posted to the blog before dawn's early light.  Maybe they'll show up any minute and fix it really quickly.  HA HA!!

Stick around.  I'm sure there will be pictures forthcoming tonight. *smile*

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