Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rock more

My blogging woes are almost to an end.  My sweet husband took pity on me and bought me a new computer.  It got  here on Friday.  I'm excited....not for a new computer, but for the chance to be reliably back online again.  Thank you sweet husband for the new computer.  I will use it responsibly and more porn sites.  I promise!

Catching up on things.....

Wednesday I went on a field trip with the sixth grade class to the Louisville Stage One Children's Theater to see a performance of Tuck Everlasting.  It was good if not a bit strange as well.  The kids were well behaved which is always appreciated.  After the performance was finished, the classes loaded up again for  a trip to the mall for lunch before returning to school.

Wednesday night Grace had a birthday party for one of her classmates.  It was at Pump It Up which is a big gym full of bouncers.....lots of fun for her.  She's not had many chances to go to parties and it seems like we've been out of town for the ones she's been invited to attend.

I may be repeating myself, but I can't remember what I've noted and I'm not going back to check....

John had baseball tryouts last Sunday night at an indoor baseball facility built for the high school down the road.  Where was luxury things like that when I was a kid??  He just got his team assignment today.  Field clean up is next Saturday and practices start Tuesday this week.  Let the rat race begin!!!

 Last week was a big birthday celebration.  Grace's kindergarten class helped a very special (and very old) person celebrate their birthday.  In honor of this special person, they all made themselves special hats just like the one the birthday boy wears.

Want to guess whose birthday it was?

Dr. Seuss would have been 107 years old on March 2.
Happy belated birthday, Dr. Seuss!!

Her class has also reached the milestone of the one hundredth day of school.
They had to each count out one hundred pieces of candy to take into school and share at a one hundred day party.  She brought home a huge bag of if we don't have Valentine candy and Halloween candy still lying around waiting to fill my kids' heads with cavities!

Here are the way cool 'one hundred' glasses she made and decorated.

She was pretty proud of them.

More later....
I'm just trying to catch up on some things from the past couple weeks before I forget to write them down!

Rock update.....

still no rock siting.....lots of nasty stuff coming out, but still no rock.
If he starts running a fever before we get to an appointment with an ENT, then we head back to the ER and I'm supposing they will call in an ENT to perform the procedure right then.

  I'm hoping he makes it.  I'm not really excited about another trip to the ER.

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