Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is there a dentist in the house??

I am so far behind...

like approximately a month or so....

seeing as how we just celebrated St. Patrick's Day and I still have pictures from before Valentine's Day on my camera.

Grace carefully preparing her valentines for her kindergarten party this year.

I'm sure you're surprised to learn she picked
Disney princess valentines (again).

She's a hard worker.  Look at that concentration.
I guarantee if her hair wasn't blocking the view, you'd see her tongue hanging out just like Grant's does when he concentrates.
I wonder if that is genetic........

I hope I don't do that.


Now for our dental issues........

Does this count as teeth discoloration?

probably not since it came from bathtub crayons, huh?

I still haven't figured out what prompted the impromptu coloring of the pearly whites.
Maybe it was in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Not to be outdone by baby brother, Grace colored hers pink....possibly a throw back to Valentine's day festivities.

It kinda reminds me of those pink tablets that tasted awful that they would pass out to us in grade school and make us chew.  Remember those nasty things???ewwww!

"Rinse and spit" take on a whole new look when your   m  o  u  t  h  
i  s        f  u  l  l
of colored wax.

ewwww, again.

Just in case you were wondering why the both were wearing swimsuits in the tub for their bath......

let me just say once again........





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